“When things get messy, complex, when we feel stuck, when we don’t know where to start, when we don’t know how to bridge the gap between who we currently are, and who we need to become to overcome a challenge, what do we do?” – Christine Renaud, CEO of e180

As event producers it is remarkable to see how technology is changing the landscape of our industry. As humans we are hardwired to need connection, and in what some might argue as a disconnected digital age, connection is more important than ever.

Recently, we partnered with a tech company out of Montreal called e180 – together we activated their Braindate app as part of the guest experience at our two-day AgriTech event in Melbourne, evokeAG.

“We came to realize that events have something unique: they create the right Context, where there’s a Critical Mass of people who share a Common interest, who are Captive, and Committed to learning new things and meeting new, relevant people”

Braindate removes the serendipity of timing and the strain of networking in a room full of people you have no intel on – blindly working the space – hoping to speak to someone who might be able to help you. When time is one commodity we cannot get back, e180 created this useful and clever app for specifically for events as a means to allow guests to pre-plan their experience: resulting in significant and importantly, tactile, conversation.

Fascinated by technology that ignites connection and authenticity, we asked a few questions to our friends at e180 about how this product came to life.

What was the gap that you guys saw in the market that led to the idea of Braindate?

Sometimes, it can feel like instead of what we know, the elusive key to helping us progress in work or life is who we know. And if we don’t happen to know the right person to turn to or have easy access to them, our options seem limited. When we want to learn something new, do we miraculously learn how to network like a pro, hope for serendipity to strike, or…go back to school? Why not braindate instead?

e180 created Braindate to help millions of humans all over the world find the knowledge they seek by tapping into the experiences and expertise of the people around them. Whether at an event, within a company, or across an entire community, Braindate empowers humans to share their knowledge with each other and reach out to learn from new people. We believe that the era of panels and keynotes is over—and that they future of the events industry lies in the simple, transformative potential of a conversation.

How has technology influenced the way we measure the success of an event?

In many ways, technology has afforded us the opportunity to measure intricacies of participant experience to a degree previously unheard of. Through Braindate for example, we analyse many layers of participant and content insights before, during and after each production to tell a highly detailed story of each community. But technology doesn’t help us to measure what really matters at an event—did the participants leave feeling transformed? Did they feel like they truly belonged; like they were a member of a community that finally felt tangible? Did they make connections that were truly meaningful? For us, success can mean so many different things to different people, and while technology can certainly provide the details, sometimes the most important insights come through simply asking the right questions.

What are some tech trends you foresee for the events industry?

I think that this abundance of event technology will lead us back into a place where the simplicity—and profundity—of face-to-face connection is the most important element of any event.

Why is face to face connection more important than ever?

In a world where we are confronted with digital distractions at every turn, the most innovative, unpredictable, and fruitful resource that any community has at its disposal will always be its own people. The trick is to help them peek up from behind phones and laptops to engage on a deeper, more authentic level with one another.

BRAINDATE: We loved watching the conversations unfold at our #evokeAG Braindate sessions. No awkward small talk, just fantastic networking and information gathering opportunities.

Posted by evokeAG on Sunday, 10 March 2019

You can see some results of Braindate adoption at evokeAG below:

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And some of our topics:

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e180 is a social business from Montreal that seeks to unlock human greatness by helping people learn from each other. We are the inventors of braindates — intentional knowledge sharing conversations between people, face-to-face. Since 2011, e180 has helped thousands of humans in harnessing the potential of the people around them, and we won’t stop until we reach millions.