Asia Pacific Amateur Championship

Augusta National Golf Club


EMG was appointed by the Augusta National Golf Club to be the host partner for the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship, an annual tournament featuring the top international competitors in the Asia Pacific region.

As part of the event, EMG managed and deployed the Youth Activity group program for the guests, giving them an experience outside of the golfing tournament and an insight into our Melbourne culture and lifestyle. The program included day trips to regional wineries, dining at our top restaurants,  exclusive shopping experience and guided tours of our secret Melbourne CBD Laneways and graffiti art displays.

To wrap up the tournament, EMG managed and created the celebration gala night. To top off their Melbourne experience, EMG obtained a first-ever, exclusive and a very rare opportunity to pitch golf balls onto the sacred and hallowed grounds of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), locally and lovingly known as ‘The G’. Our top guests had the opportunity to show off their golf prowess and pitch onto the field, complete with golf flag and hole while the sunset created the perfect backdrop for this moment. And to ensure everyone had a momento of the evening, EMG was given permission to invite all the competitors onto the ground for a group photo opportunity.

With the research and knowledge of Melbourne, EMG was able to deliver event experiences beyond our clients expectation, and ensured that the Asia Pacific Amateur Championship maintained their status and prestige amongst the international golfing community.


International Delegation

250 Attendees

Tournament Event