Link Group Christmas Celebrations


EMG love creating end of year Christmas celebrations, a time for companies to celebrate successes and thank their staff before another year closes. When Link Group approached EMG Events to create a unique and unforgettable experience that their staff would never forget, we rose to the opportunity! 

Held within our pop up event space at, Lorem Ipsum, for the second year in a row Link Group wanted a themed event with plenty of eye catching details and surprise and delight moments. The theme being ‘The Mad Hatter’ allowed our team to stretch our design and styling muscles creating details like mini moss top hats for interesting centrepieces, pop colour lighting effects and furniture design that complemented the bright theme. Entertainment was key, and the integration of a segment called “Link’s Got Talent” whereby guests were treated to 3 amazing performances by staff, one of which was an incredible LED Poi performance. The Matt Hetherington band performed for the remainder of the night, making a truly enjoyable dance floor to end the evening for all.

Creative Direction and Design

Entertainment Management

Event Management

Production Management