EMG Conversations: Series One - Interview with global futurist Chris Riddell Part One

In the world of events, you are only as good as your suppliers and the people you include in your event design when bringing a creative vision to life.

Global futurist and keynote speaker Chris Riddell has been a longtime friend and collaborator of EMG Events Agency. His epic intellect, talent for spotting patterns and trends paired with his ability to communicate complicated concepts to any audience has left attendees inspired and energised every time.

Open and authentic, Chris is a new father with a relentless global travel schedule, and we wanted to know how he stays in the know, how he keeps the plates spinning and his ideas about how well humans and technology are getting along.

EMG creative director and our resident research aficionado, Peter Jack, talks openly with Chris about how he approaches his craft, the future of jobs, the events renaissance, artificial intelligence and fear of tech, the trust economy crisis and how to connect humans better with good stories.

Below is part one of what was an hour long, passionate and multi topic tête-à-tête between two friends. Part two will be released in mid July.

Enjoy the wisdom in this one,

Team EMG

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