EMG Conversations Series One - Interview with Chris Helder Part One & Two

Chris Helder knows how to engage with people.

His study of connection began when he was just 23 and straight out of university. As part of a two-year program Chris was sent to teach a class of 37 primary school kids in a Compton, California – a notorious ghetto in L.A – a place where teachers feared to teach. This formative experience shaped the direction of a long career as a speaker, connection expert and best-selling author.

Chris is passionate about what he does – giving people the tools to view the context of their world differently and to see opportunity instead of obstructions. This mindset shift – this Useful Belief- starts the process of a more purposeful and harmonious state of being for people from all backgrounds and industries.

Here Part One of the EMG Conversations interview between our Creative Director, Peter Jack and the charming ‘Aust-merican’ best-selling author and global speaker, Chris Helder that gets to the heart of human connection.

Part Two:

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