EMG Culture: Mark Manson speaks at Business Chicks Melbourne

There are some books you just never forget. Whether it is because they were so hard to put down, or they made you think differently, or they had a catchy title that you always remember. Sometimes you come across a book that ticks all of these boxes.

NY Times bestselling author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck, blogger, and internet entrepreneur, Mark Manson writes about big ideas and gives life advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say he is an idiot. Other people say he saved their life.

Mark came to Melbourne as the keynote speaker for the recent Business Chicks breakfast on Tuesday 16th July at Crown Palladium. Some of our team got up with the birds and went along to hear the ideas, share the laugh and to learn a few things. We have put together our top four take aways from Mark's keynote below:

1. Put your phone down: have a disconnection policy. Understand that what you consume mentally will effect you emotionally. Mark has an awesome blog article where he has written all about this topic with some very practical tips on how to declutter your attention.

2. Connecting back with people: pushing through the thoughts of ‘it's too hard, I can’t be bothered, I’m too busy, I am too tired’ and actively interacting / connecting / reaching out with people on a social level - face to face – especially with family.

3. Ask yourself: ‘what’s important to you?' and 'what do you stand for’ then having the confidence to say ‘no’ if it doesn’t align with your greater vision for yourself. This links heavily to giving less f*cks about the things that aren't stacked up with our values and our purpose.

4. Limit the options: our culture of "you can have everything anything you want" is making us anxious. Too many options all the time has made us confused and fried our thinking processes. We thought about how this relates to what EMG does, and how we offer services and ideas to our clients. For us it means we need to streamline our ideas, narrow the options so creative decisions can be made in a clearer and more enjoyable way.

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Keep creating awesomeness,

Team EMG

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