Unite, Ignite, Accelerate.

Bayer | Sales conference


  • Unite a new team
  • Introduce new thinking
  • Build three year platform


  • Recognised as benchmark
  • Sales increase
  • Team engagement
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A unified approach to the sales conference model
As with many multinational companies, change is a constant. Bayer was in a global transformation plan moving from a traditional Pharma company to a LifeScience Company and with this came change at a local level.

The appointment of a new General Manager and restructure of the leadership team required a new approach to team engagement.

EMG saw the annual sales conference as an opportunity for the newly installed leadership team to foster a shared sense of purpose and build trust. A long-term strategic plan was developed to build an internal language and culture of collaboration, articulated and reiterated at each event the brands values and business strategy.

The strategy cohesively linked the sales conference over the next three years and built the foundation to drive business growth through understanding the brands values, culture and purpose. These considerations helped shape the event brand and design year on year.

After the three-year journey of Unite, Ignite and Accelerate, Bayer recorded their single most successful year on record.
APAC Golf Image MCG
APAC Golf Image MCG
Words have the power to transform
By harnessing the power of words we are able to inspire and evoke a true sense of resolve in our undertakings.

Words allow us to inform, excite and engage our audiences.

Most organisations underestimate the value and power of words, without a consistent cohesive message we get lost, we sound the same, we lose momentum and focus.

EMG set about writing the language for Unite, Ignite and Accelerate for the whole of leadership team to embrace.
Unite – set the platform
Applied design thinking was a prerequisite for this event.

Our creative vision was to have everyone be seen, no hiding at the back of the room, transformation requires a 'whole of organisation' approach.

We created a roman forum style presentation where everyone was seated in a tiered circular environment, with all presentations delivered from the floor.

Everyone was allocated a ticket to a specific seat enabling us to mix the business units up and strategically connect and immerse teams. We wanted to stop people grouping like sheep we had to find a way to change their thinking.

The leadership team had to deliver a human, authentic and personal presentation to the team, not at them.

A key goal for the event was to create a shared culture by which to operate, and a vision for their customers.

Unite was so successful EMG were asked to prepare a presentation of the total design and approach to share as best practice with the APAC region.
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Bayer Pharma - Conference
“The entire EMG Team has done a fantastic job! Thanks for everything.”
Nelson Ambrogio,
General Manager, Bayer Pharmaceuticals
Australia / New Zealand
Ignite – build momentum
Twelve months had passed, it was time to shift up a gear and ignite the team.

The next concept - Ignite - was all around activation.

The Ignite conference saw Anh Do host the opening to a standing ovation, and each morning a varying activation and immersive experience prepared teams for business day ahead.

Year two was time to reimagine the awards and recognition as well.
APAC Golf Image MCG
APAC Golf Image MCG
Accelerate – drive growth
We were now in our final year of the vision. The global transformation to a Life Science Company was now complete.

It was time to review the journey thus far and focus on the next phase of the business to drive growth.

We started this journey with thinking differently, creating a culture and a purpose whilst linking to a global vision of transformation.

The Accelerate conference began with a specifically crafted brand and belief.

We opened the conference with a rock concert, but not as you know it. We collaborated with Hammond Thinking to develop an articulate and highly curated story using narrative, music and image. It was incredibility powerful and set the tone for Accelerate.
APAC Golf Image MCG
APAC Golf Image MCG
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