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  • Develop a visual identity
  • Design an environment to share, learn and network
  • Inaugural ON Impact Awards to recognise alumni


  • Immersive space created
  • The tribe felt connected like never before
  • Dynamic program
Our roles
Brand Development
Event Management
Speaker Management
Theming & Styling
Creative Direction
Collateral Development
App Development

ON Tribe Forum – powered by CSIRO was a special two-day event held in September 2019 – which brought together roughly 350 ON graduates, mentors, facilitators and a range of influential speakers to celebrate and champion entrepreneurial spirit and community.

It was amazing to work with such brilliant talent from the science community, with ON alumni from all over Australia gathered at the iconic Melbourne Town Hall.

In collaboration with CSIRO, EMG carefully aligned the speakers with the program, which included the first ever 'ON Impact Awards' acknowledging the impact ON teams have made.

With a focus on recognition and celebration of the alumni, EMG developed the people’s choice award which was accessible through a custom-made event app produced by EMG. The awards program culminated in the significant Menzies Scientific Entrepreneurship Fellowship being awarded to three alumni (valued at over $90K), and Control Bionics (US) Founder and Director of Innovation, Peter Ford took to the stage with a live demo of their ground-breaking neuro-based communication and monitoring technology.

“Hey team!! Congratulations, we did amazing and pulled it all off. It's been a massive two days (three including bump in!) and we should all be proud of what we've achieved. I hope everyone's going to have an easy Friday, we all deserve plenty of cake and wine. We managed 350+ over the course of yesterday and some extras today. People have been coming to me raving about how impressive it's all been, both how it looked and what they got out of it. Thanks for all your hard work, long hours and crazy emotional labour getting this off the ground!"

Karen Li,
ON Innovation Community Manager,

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