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Magellan Financial Group | Investor gala dinner


  • Design, produce and build a gala space for 2000 guests
  • Create a valuable platform both digitally & at the event
  • Provide rich opportunity to connect advisors & clients


  • Sold out event
  • 90% uptake in digital
  • Brand & value execution delivered
Our roles
Onscreen content
Event design
Registration management
App / Digital / Web
Production / Logistics
From plain to extraordinary

The event was tailored to be an exclusive evening providing unparalleled access to Hamish Douglass Chairman, CIO and Lead Portfolio Manager Magellan and his global investment insights.

Our design approach was carefully curated to be representative of the brand, the individual and the audience.

A gala event space to accommodate 2000 guests simply did not exist in Melbourne, so we reimagined the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre exhibition bays into such a space. We took plain and ordinary to extraordinary.

As the event was unprecedented for Magellan, meticulous preparation encompassing all aspects of logistics had to be considered from car parking, catering, lighting, décor, content and ticketing it was essential.

But creating the space was only a part of the journey. Digitally we had to connect the audience, so a fully customised app was created for the event to bring the audience on the journey and keep them connected beyond just the event.
From plain
Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Pomegranate
Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Pomegranate
To extraordinary
Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Performance Act
“Thank you to you and your team. You pulled off the vision flawlessly. I could not be a happier client.”
Hamish Douglass,
Co-Founder, CEO and CIO Magellan Financial Group Limited
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