Building up to a
big thank you.

Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Brand
Metricon 40 year celebration | Gala


  • Celebrate 40 years in business
  • Honour the brand history
  • Delight guests from a diverse workforce


  • Immersive gallery style exhibition of 40 years
  • Flawless travel, transfers & logistics
  • A night to remember
Our roles
Event design
Branding design
Environmental design
Website and registration design
Graphic design
Entertainment design
Catering design
Production / Logistics
Flights / Accommodation / Transfers
Building up to a big thank you
Australia’s award-winning home building company Metricon, wanted to celebrate their milestone of 40 years in business. It was an opportunity to honour their long history and create an engaging and memorable evening that resonated with their whole of organisation.

The event had clear objectives: 
  • Gather the entire team from across Australia into Melbourne for the event
  • Visually recognise 40 years of history
  • Provide a platform to share the future vision
  • Create a night to remember
Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Pomegranate
Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Pomegranate

Our team customised EMG’s registration platform to capture Metricon’s requirements to manage 1200 national and international guests, 600 accommodation rooms, 500 flights and 30 transfers.


Our challenge was to honour 40 years in a way that was respectful to the brands origins whilst showing the vision forward.

The inspiration for our design was to reimagine a gallery experience, to allow our audience to walk through 40 years of Metricon in a way that was meaningful, informative and fun.

As guests arrived they started in the 70’s which was an inspired installation of pop culture items of the time common in all homes. They then moved through a hanging epoch of time spanning from the 1980’s – 2010.

Unique features were a 24 metre long timeline highlighting significant moments in Metricon’s 40 year history, 3D visual installations and VR experiences.

The gallery experiences concluded with a presentation by the directors of Metricon acknowledging the contribution made by the team and sharing the vision for the next 40 years.

A night to remember: 

EMG reimagined our Lorem Ipsum pop up venue into a multi-sensory immersive experience. Four zones were imagined, conceived and built to the delight of the entire audience. We had created something for everyone and that was our goal.

Under the canopy of our created 5 metre tall trees one could forage for an array and delights from antipasto, cheese, breads, chef’s carving cured meats and many many delights.The purpose behind Forage was to ensure that with an audience of 1200 guests, there would always be a place to go throughout the night for food.

The carvery:

We had construction, building, and tradies so what do you do you feed the man meat. The Chefs at MCEC were excited to be part of our culinary expedition. We created a first for the team by having a full lamb on spit cooking in the room.

Asian experience:

80 ten-metre-tall black bamboo plants were brought in to create a deep dense forest that guests had to walk through to experience our Asian delights and live cooking displays.

Sweet treats from heaven:

Willy Wonker was our inspiration for the dessert zone. This area was a sensory overload of colour and taste sensations with a culinary design of a fully editable buffet right down to the granola dirt. Food was not the only thing on the menu for EMG had crafted some of Australia’s finest talent to perform such as rock band royalty ARC (Antipodean RockCollective) which brings together members of Powder finger, Jet & You am I. Along with ARC Samantha Jade and DJ Sarah Roberts had the room pumping.
Metricon - 40 Years - Gala Dinner - Performance ActMetricon_40Years_Gala_Dinner_Melbourne_2.jpg
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